Limes Academy / Security Engineering Training / SEC.332 System Hardening Linux

System Hardening Linux Training

2 days System administrators Own Notebook required Training documents and certificates
1.500,- EUR German or English No prior knowledge necessary Available in public or in-house

System Hardening Linux training teaches system administrators how to run a secure Linux-based system. The theoretical concepts of server hardening will be discussed, as well as concrete practical measures in the areas of user and network configuration, installation of updates, firewall configuration and the secure configuration of daemon services.

Training contents

  • Attacker map
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Secure configurations
  • Controlled access, Malware Defense and Boundary Defense
  • Data Recovery and Data Protection, Incident Response and Audit Readiness
  • User configuration, network configuration and NTP configuration
  • Package Management and Update Installation
  • Firewall configuration and iptables
  • Daemon configuration and protection of SSH
  • SELinux and other hardening measures
  • Logging and Monitoring

Your benefits

  • Learn about ways to improve your inventory and monitor the system landscape.
  • Understand how access management systems work and how to use them effectively.
  • Deepen your knowledge about hardening measures for Windows-based systems.
  • Gain the knowledge you need to lastingly reduce the attack area on your Linux systems and increase your company’s security level.

Price: € 1.500,- excl. VAT per person