Limes Academy / Security Engineering Training / SEC.302 Secure Coding .NET

Secure Coding Training for .NET

3 days .Net-/C#-Developers Own Notebook required Training documents and certificates
2.250,- EUR German or English Experience with .NET or C# development Available in public or in-house

During the Secure Coding for .NET training, different C# language features will be introduced that can contribute to the stability of the code and are necessary as a basis for the development of robust code. In addition, cryptographic concepts such as encryption, hashing or digital signatures are discussed. You will learn how to achieve robust session management using meaningful access controls. Classic web attacks such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection are explained and how to protect against them is demonstrated. Finally, we discuss how code reviews and static analyses are performed to achieve optimal code quality. For a better understanding, the topics are explained using practical exercises.

Training contents

  • Attacker map
  • Cryptography (Basics, System.Security. Cryptography, SslStream Class)
  • Access Control (Session Management, access control, existing security features of frameworks)
  • Classic Web attacks
  • Secure Multi-Threading
  • C# Language Security
  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • Secure Development Life Cycle

Your benefits

  • Understand how attacks work and start thinking like an attacker.
  • Understand what steps are necessary to develop secure software.
  • Learn how to integrate secure coding into your own programming

Price: € 2.250,- excl. VAT per person