Limes Academy / Industrial Security Training / ICS.222 Incident Handling Essentials

Industrial Security Additions: Incident Handling Essentials

1 day Technicians and decision makers Own Notebook required Training documents and certificates
750,- EUR German or English ICS.201 Foundation Training recommended Available in public or in-house

The Incident Handling Essentials training provides participants with the necessary basics to prepare for security incidents in an industrial environment. The most important technical and organizational preparations will be discussed along with the “DO’s and DON’Ts”. This course is particularly interesting for plant operators, integrators and service providers who want to prepare for an emergency to be able to more easily prevent damage caused by virus attacks, ransomware or hacking.

Training contents

  • Introduction to Security Incident Handling: Basics and terms
  • The lifecycle of an incident in six steps
  • Technical and organizational prerequisites: How do I prepare for incident handling?
  • Asset Identification and Network Security
  • Monitoring: What role do tools play in detection?
  • Rules of conduct in case of an incident “DO’s and DON’Ts”
  • Case Study: CrashOverride and TRISIS
  • CERTs & Co.: Where can I get information about threats and external assistance?

Your benefits

  • Use of techniques and methods for maintenance of industrial operation
  • Best practice during a potential ICS security incident
  • Dealing with the topic of weak points and incident handling in your own company

Price: € 750,- excl. VAT per person