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Industrial Security Additions: Assessing OT

1 day Technician Own Notebook required Training documents and certificates
750,- EUR German or English ICS.211 Technical OT Security Training Available in public or in-house

Assessing OT Training provides participants with the basics to be able to professionally conduct security tests in industrial plants. Which tools should be used for which application? Which test cases are intrusive and therefore less suitable for OT? What information is relevant in the context of an OT security audit? In this course, participants benefit in particular from the Limes experts’ many years of experience in conducting security assessments in an industrial environment.

Training contents

  • Underground Economy
  • Security test requirements from IEC 62443 and ISO 27001
  • ICS Asset Discovery
  • Checking users and authorizations
  • Configuration review of ICS systems
  • Verification of patch and software versions
  • Checking the perimeter protection
  • Procedure for an ICS security test
  • Testing the BSI ICS Top 10

Your benefits

  • Viewing networks and systems through the eyes of an attacker and identifying potential attack vectors and security issues.
  • Knowledge of what has to be considered during a security check in an industrial environment.
  • How the results of a security audit can lead to an increased level of security.

Price: € 750,- excl. VAT per person