Limes Academy / Industrial Security Training / ICS.201 Industrial/OT Security Foundation

Industrial/OT Security Foundation

2.5 days** Technicians &
decision makers
Own Notebook required Training documents and certificates
Option for certification
1.875,- EUR* German or English No prior knowledge necessary Available in public or in-house
* Training + certification with exam: 2.470,- Euro (prices excl. VAT)
** Training with certification: 3 PT

Everyone involved in a modern industrial system needs basic security knowledge in order to recognize security problems and avoid endangering industrial operations through their own behavior. Within the framework of the Foundation training, the participants are taught those security competencies through up-to-date specialist content, practical exercises and entertaining experiences from industrial security consulting activities, which are not only essential for their work in the changed environment of increasing digitalization, but also decisive.

Training contents

  • Introduction to Operational Technology (OT)
  • IT vs. OT security
  • Security essentials (protocols, cryptography, network security)
  • OT security threats and attack vectors
  • OT security standard overview
  • Well-proven security measures for OT
    • Organisational security measures
    • Security assessments and reviews
    • Configuration management
    • Network and communication security
    • Component security
    • Access control

After the training the participants should …

  • have a confident feeling in dealing directly with OT security.
  • have a basic understanding of OT technologies and terminology.
  • have gained a basic awareness of OT security standards and their areas of application.
  • know the most important security measures for the OT area.
  • be able to make a contribution to protecting industrial operations in their area of responsibility


Training incl. certification with exam: 2.470,- Euro (prices excl. VAT)

Training without certification: 1.875,- Euro (Prices excl. VAT)

If you are interested in an certification-only option please contact us.