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The employee as the target

The majority of successful attacks exploit the human vulnerability to invade internal networks. Your employees must learn to understand where in their daily work security risks lurk – regardless of whether they are in management, production, or marketing.

Training contents

In our tried and tested Security Awareness Training we impart the requisite self-competence the employees need to immediately identify risks and avoid negligent behavior. Limes Security takes advantage of experiences from attack campaigns, demonstrations and exciting war stories to accomplish that. We use entertaining explanations of the most essential security rules that every employee of a modern company should know in order not to be a security risk for their own company.


11.9.2019, Vienna

AWT.101 IT Security Awareness


12.9.2019, Vienna

AWT.102 OT Security Awareness


23.9.2019, Linz

ICS.221 Assessing OT


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