Limes Security provides your personnel with the required competence through targeted training, enabling them to operate your systems securely.

Besides heightened security demands, technical changes in the field of industrial security have become a new challenge for manufacturers, system integrators and operators of industrial facilities. The rapid change involves the fact that industrial security nowadays works completely differently than the automation world known from past decades. Limes Security provides clarity here and generates guidelines for action and competence concerning the correct handling of security issues in the industrial setting.

After the training, your employees will know

  • what the most important methods and tools are for protecting systems,
  • how hackers usually proceed and what requires attention to ensure secure operations management,
  • how security problems and incidents can be detected.

We offer predefined training packages, which are suitable for the following groups of participants:

  • Industrial Security Awareness Training for managerial staff/non-technical staff
  • Industrial Security for technical industrial personnel
  • Security Testing and Security Auditing of industrial systems

In addition, you have the option of receiving tailor-made training that is customised to the particular requirements and knowledge of your personnel as needed. For this purpose, we offer the following training modules:

  • ICS Foundation
  • ICS Characteristics & Security Threats
  • ICS Network Protocols
  • ICS Network Security
  • ICS Security Standards
  • ICS Security Program & Organization
  • ICS Security Incidents
  • ICS Security in Action & Attack Detection

All training is conducted by our experienced industrial security experts, who draw on many years of practice in security that they have gathered in the industrial sector. Therefore, you not only profit from excellent training contents but also from a rich collection of experience. All training includes practical exercises besides theoretical contents, in order to convey the respective topics to the participants as intensely as possible.

Other international security training institutions, too, are glad to fall back on the expert know-how of Limes Security. Limes Security provides security trainers for the prestigious SANS Institute among others.