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Industrial Security means Limes Security. Whether PLC manufacturer, system integrator, mechanical engineer, production enterprise or utility – we are all facing the same challenges. Profit from the know-how of the leading industrial security experts of Limes Security and protect your industrial enterprise and your machinery as appropriate to your needs.


Many organisations develop software. Only few of them also accomplish to do this securely and prevent weak spots. Secure software development starts already in the early stages of the development process. Limes Security has many years of experience in the introduction and improvement of security at software developing organisations.

Simplify Web socket pentesting 09/10/2019

A server cannot send data to the client on its own initiative. Rather, the client must regularly ask the server whether anything has changed. For this to succeed, the connection must first be established and then the script executed. After the connection has been established, the data is sent to the client, which happens anew […]

Think outside the box like an attacker would! 01/10/2019

Hackers are constantly attacking IT infrastructures in new ways – whether in the industry or in the service and banking sector. So developers, managers and architects would do well to put themselves in the role of the attacker in order to identify the vulnerability of their products through a threat and risk analysis – and […]

Patch management in OT-Systems 18/09/2019

Missing security updates continue to provide a broad attack surface for successful cyber attacks. Companies keep reporting security incidents that involved software vulnerabilities for which patches already had been released at the time of the attack. At a first glance, the solution to this problem may seem trivial – all you have to do is […]