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Industrial Security means Limes Security. Whether PLC manufacturer, system integrator, mechanical engineer, production enterprise or utility – we are all facing the same challenges. Profit from the know-how of the leading industrial security experts of Limes Security and protect your industrial enterprise and your machinery as appropriate to your needs.


Many organisations develop software. Only few of them also accomplish to do this securely and prevent weak spots. Secure software development starts already in the early stages of the development process. Limes Security has many years of experience in the introduction and improvement of security at software developing organisations.

Passive asset discovery or active asset discovery – which one is it now? 13/08/2019

In various blog posts about asset inventory and asset discovery, we have favored the passive method, even warned against active asset discovery. The reason for this is the high susceptibility of industrial systems to failure – especially older components are often susceptible to thoughtless network scans.   Why should I choose active asset discovery? So […]

The first Embedded Systems Security Days in November 16/07/2019

The Embedded Systems Security Days will take place for the first time in Vienna from 6 to 8 November 2019. And together with Alpha Strike Labs, Limes Security has managed to put together a top-class programme. How can security vulnerabilities be avoided right from the start? What threats do I have to face to protect […]

Virus scanner – panacea or risk factor? 02/07/2019

Even controversial issues must be discussed. The current blog post is dedicated to one particularly controversial topic: Virus scanners are currently ubiquitous (at least on Windows systems) and are seen as a standard security measure. Users are so used to them that hardly anyone dares to doubt their usefulness. Virus scanners themselves however can have […]